Install the component dependency:

Include a React component in your project:

Row PropTypes

actionBarRow.Action[]far-right action buttons
actionBarVisiblebooleanlock action bar onfalse
fullOverlayRow.FullOverlayLinkhover state for image
fullOverlayVisiblebooleanlock full overlay onfalse
imageRow.Image |Row.ImageLink > a > Row.Imagemain image or linked image
metadata1Row.Text, Row.TextLinkfirst row of metadata
metadata2Row.Text, Row.TextLinksecond row of metadata
progressnumberprogress 0-100
sizesmall | mediumsize of row (from Row.sizes)medium
Row.TextLink > a > Row.Text | Row.Textrow title or linked title

Row.Action PropTypes

Iconicon representing action

Row.Image PropTypes

stringimage url

The row is a flexible component that will expand to fit the container it's in. The height and width will grow indefinitely. Define your own constrains with parent elements.

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The size will determine certain base measurements.

The image will cover the image area given. Image dimensions outside of this space will be clipped.

Progress, if given, should be a number between 0 and 100 that describes the completion level of the content represented on the row.

The title can be a string or a link, defined by a special subcomponent.

The title will grow indefinitely, never truncating.

Metadata is free-form strings or displayable elements like links. Each bit of metadata is separated by an interpunct.

Metadata is constrained to a single line, overflowing with an ellipsis indicated. The first datum is given display space precendence.

Metadata can be strings or links, defined by the `Row.TextLink` subcomponent.

The action bar contains the on-row affordances a user can take besides linking straight to the content. These are usually buttons.

A special main action representing the main interaction for the row can be provided here. It will appear overlaid in the center of the image.

To make the full overlay linkable, use the `Row.FullOverlayLink` subcomponent.