The Form component helps arrange a form full of input controls. The package doesn't provide these controls but it is compatible with them.

Install the component dependency:

Include a React component in your project:

Here's a fully functioning form that does everything short of submitting to a server.

Course sample form

Forms should be horizontally left-aligned, with one input control per line, and inputs are stretched to the full container width. Bring your own container. Form.VerticalLayout takes care of the vertical spacing between controls.

Dividers are simple visual indicators that break form flow and content into logical pieces.

Forms commonly have multiple buttons that a user can interact with. Those buttons should be on a single row and left-aligned. Form.ButtonRow will help.

Each one of these controls is a separate package. They are mean to be used inside the Form layout component. Find links to the docs below

Text Input

For short textual input.Docs

Text Area

For longer textual input.Docs


For single selection amongst few choices.Docs


For single selection amongst few to many choices.Docs


For multiple selection.Docs


For on/off selections.Docs


For dates.Docs


For dynamic lists.Docs