Design assets

Team libraries

Design components, color styles, and text styles are available in Figma. Pluralsight team members should find Design System Core and Web libraries enabled by default in all drafts.

How to use team libraries?

How to use color and text styles?

PSDS - Core
Color Styles, Icons
PSDS - Web
UI Kit, Web Components, Text Styles
PSDS - Imagery
Sample course art, Skills logos, Role badges, Headshots
PSDS - Extras
Device frames, Keyboards
PSDS - Brand
Pluralsight Logos

UI Kit

A UI kit is found on the first page of PSDS - Web. It is built on top of team libraries, and can be used as a visual tool kit from which to copy.

UI Kit

Sketch assets

Sketch libraries are available here, but are getting less support at this time.