Design assets

Sketch libraries

What are Libraries?

  1. Open Preferences in Sketch.
  2. Select Libraries tab.
  3. Click Add Library…
  4. Make sure you have Google Drive set up and the Design folder synced to your local drive.
  5. Navigate to Product > Design > PS Design System - Libraries >
  6. Select any applicable libraries to install.
PSDS - Core.sketch
Color swatches for overrides, UI icons
PSDS - Web.sketch
Components for web (imports Core)
PSDS - Android.sketch
Components for Android (imports Core)
PSDS - iOS.sketch
Components for iOS (imports Core)
PSDS - Extras.sketch
Pluralsight logos, Avatars / personas
PSDS - Content Imagery.sketch
Content imagery, Topic logos
PSDS - Core.sketch
Color swatches for overrides, UI icons

Sketch UI kit

Product > Design > PS Design System - UI Kit.sketch

PS Design System - UI Kit.sketch is a collection of shared symbols and pattern composites. It builds on the PSDS libraries and can be used as a visual tool kit from which to copy. Sync the latest version from Google Drive.

Sketch UI Kit

Sketch color palettes

To use the design system color palettes, install the Shared Sketch Palettes plugin.

Download the Pluralsight Sketch palette

  1. After you've installed the plugin, go to Plugins > Sketch Palettes > Clear Palette
  2. Select global/document presets.
  3. Select Plugins > Sketch Palettes > Load Palette
  4. Select PS Design System - Colors.sketchpalette file.
  5. In the source dropdown, select Global
  6. Click Load
  7. Pluralsight UI colors should now appear in your Sketch color picker.

Color palette

Color palette


Install any necessary fonts when using design asset files. Font files may be found here:

Product > Design > _Resources > Fonts

View available typographic styles here

Gotham SSm
Use for all web products. Download from Google Drive
Source Code Pro
Use for code / monospace elements.
San Francisco
Use for iOS native apps
Use for Android native apps
Segoe UI
Use for Windows native apps
Print / marketing only. **Not for use in web products**

Version control and contribution

Changes to design assets are visible through the commit log.

This design-system-assets repo serves as a master collection and source of truth. However, everyday consumption is delivered via Google Drive. Google Drive edit permissions are restricted to control version tracking, and the contents of the master repository are copied nightly to ensure Google Drive contains current versions.

Contribution is tentatively managed via pull requests directly into this repository. This allows tracking of design proposals and changes from anyone. This workflow is under review and additional tooling may be introduced to better handle visual difference.

Version control