Core Usage

After, installation, use Core in the flavor of your choice. JavaScript or CSSNext is recommended.

Import JavaScript

import core from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-core'

<button style={{ backgroundColor: }}>Click</button>

Import CSSNext

To use the Core variables in CSSNext:

@import "@pluralsight/ps-design-system-core";

.mySelector { color: var(--psColorsPink); }

Import SASS

To use the Core variables in SASS:

@import "~@pluralsight/ps-design-system-core/dist/index.module.scss";

.mySelector { color: $ps-colors-pink; }

Import Vanilla CSS

In vanilla CSS, variables are not yet widely supported. Instead utility classes, generated from the original variables, are available. Include the vanilla CSS stylesheet via traditional means:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@pluralsight/ps-design-system-core/dist/index.css" />

And apply utility classes directly to the HTML elements:

<div class="ps-colors-pink--color"></div>


For full working examples, please see the examples on github.