Feature flags

We favor the use of feature flags when a UI change should be released uniformly across the product. This allows teams to independently develop and deploy.

  • Install
    npm install @pluralsight/ps-design-system-featureflags
  • Import
    import FeatureFlags from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-featureflags'


Certain Design System components may need to react to feature flags. Watch for messaging in the #design-system channel for when feature flags are in active use. Product dev teams will need to request flags from the flag provider as they normally do. Then feed them to the Design System in this manner.

Import the FeatureFlags React context provider:

import FeatureFlags from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-featureflags'

And wrap all your Design System code in this provider.

import FeatureFlags from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-featureflags'
import React from 'react'
import { ComponentUsingFlags } from './some/component/path'
const Example: React.FC = props => {
return (
<FeatureFlags flags={{}}>
<ComponentUsingFlags>Original style</ComponentUsingFlags>
<FeatureFlags flags={{ usingNewStyle: true }}>
<ComponentUsingFlags>New style</ComponentUsingFlags>
export default Example

As a utility component

You may also find that you can use the Feature Flags component generally as a utility for your own code.

Import the useFeatureFlags React hook to consume the feature Flags

import Button from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-button'
import { colorsBlue, colorsOrange } from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-core'
import { useFeatureFlags } from '@pluralsight/ps-design-system-featureflags'
import React, { HTMLAttributes, useState } from 'react'
type Flag = { [name: string]: string | boolean | number }
const Example: React.FC = () => {
const [flags, setFlags] = useState<Flag[]>({ usingNewStyle: true })
const toggle = () => {
setFlags({ usingNewStyle: !flags.usingNewStyle })
return (
<FeatureFlags flags={flags}>
<ComponentUsingFlags onClick={toggle} />
const ComponentUsingFlags: React.FC<HTMLAttributes<
>> = props => {
const {
flags: { usingNewStyle }
} = useFeatureFlags()
const background = usingNewStyle ? colorsBlue[6] : colorsOrange[6]
return (
<Button style={{ background }} {...props}>
{usingNewStyle ? 'new style' : 'old style'}
export default Example


childrenReact.ReactNodechildren that need this context
flags{ [name:string]: string | boolean | number }[]dictionary of flag names and values{}